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What is ParseR?

ParseR is the collective name for the techniques SHARE uses for text analysis. It’s primarily based on the tidytext philosophy and the analysis is normally carried out in R.

This R package is part of an offering that allows SHARE to complete three different levels of text analysis:

  • Bespoke
    • Used for original analysis specific to the client’s idiosyncratic requirements.
    • Needs a couple of weeks of time working with the full breadth of ParseR techniques.
  • Template
    • Used for repeated analysis as part of an established workflow.
    • Needs a couple of days of time working with the ParseR R package.
  • Basic
    • Used for quick analysis stemming from ad hoc requests.
    • Needs a couple of hours of time working with the ParseR web app.

Installing the package

Install the package using the install_github function from the devtools package (you’ll need an auth_token).

  repo = "Avery-Island/ParseR",
  auth_token = "let_me_in_please"